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My theory for why we received Exploring the Ruinous camp is that we are the ones who have edited the wiki. -flashfox

I think you're right, question is, Robek still has 90 of them, will future contributors also get one? -shuku

That is my thought as to why there is still a reserve. waiting on someone else to edit to see if the theory holds. Looks like there is another editor now, so we shall wait and seeeeee - flashfox

I always feeeeel like, somebody's waaatching meeeee - jamesM

Haha, we are, gonna be watching your wallet really close now :P - flashfox

hello friends hello boss where is my stamp - jules

This is my first time, thx Jules. - Pillow

This is my first time, thx Jules. - Pillow - lofi

no problem pillow i just wish i could draw on these toilet walls.. nvm i got this! ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ - jules