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thumb Name Description Effect Origin OS Link
Exploring the Ruinous Camp.jpg
Exploring the Ruinous Camp "Maybe it wasn't the best idea to venture off route with her entire stock of wares. The chance to pilfer a few extra bits of "new" merchandise was just too tempting. Reyali dug through her satchel and took out a glowing, blue pot of... something.

She really had no idea what those mad alchemists put into potions to make them so luminous, but she wasn't complaining."

Effect unknown Expedition OpenSea
Pilfering the Goblin Cellar.png
Pilfering the Goblin Cellar Rage-pint felt bad for the goblins. Not only had they lost all this valuable junk in the cellar of their hive, but it was also quite tragic that they didn't realize it was lost. It was also very sad that the few goblins who could have, might've, known happened to fall onto all those daggers. Effect unknown Expedition OpenSea