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Quest Yield Completed Notes
send any combination of 25x "bird site" stamps and/or Mel to the vault Receive a Curio Card #29 (3 available) April 14, 2022 Hall of Infamy: The Yellow Quest
Send 22x bird site, 9x Mel, and 2x Gunslinger to the vault Receive Nagisa-chan "Shot!" <GESTURES #5> June 1, 2022
Sonder's Secret Quest Entered into a raffle to win 1 rwx stamp May 1, 2022 Shuku & Trio completed, Trio won the coin toss
GOBLINI CELLAR - Limited run quest: Send 1 "Goblini ( | still minting here:" to the vault, receive 1 "Pilfering the Goblin Cellar ("

50 turn-ins available for this side-quest. Only 1 redemption allowed per person.

1 "Pilfering the Goblin Cellar" Ongoing
Gobblers Art Getaway - Draw your very own gobblers for a chance of some gobblicious prizes!

Top 3 - 2 Gobblers; 10 Runner-ups - 1 Gobbler; Participation - Rwx Quest Item

Gob/Quest Aug, 24, 2022 Pending Awards
AI Gen Quest 1 bird stamp +

NFTs galore

Nov 1, 2022 Cool Gens

Note/Warning: please send reference to @rwx#0010 (Discord). RWX will never DM you first. RWX will never ask you to send eth. RWX will never ask you to download a file. RWX will never solicit you for anything. Will require proofs of send. Be wary of scammers.