Hall of Infamy

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This is the current hall of infamy. Players who have demonstrated incredible feats will find themselves here.

Completed Quests[edit | edit source]

The First Party (rwx simps): The first party was comprised of ligaratus, yunyuliart.eth, arcanξ.eth, jeyram.eth, SonderSight, shukudaidayo, & LightenBee. This party banded together to take on the first encounter, Knight Adsueme.

The Yellow Quest: Three Curio Card #29's, a rare NFT from 2017, became available as sought out quest rewards in April 2022. Three players completed this quest.

Is everyone insane: A quest to stave off madness. Rewarded Food. First discovered by SonderSight.

Impostor!: Cosplay as something RWX Quest related. First discovered by donstellaarte.

Nagisa-chan "Shot!": The legendary 1/1 by Naoki Saito became available as a quest reward in April 2022. The quest was completed in June 2022 by the equally legendary collector Morello.

Firsts[edit | edit source]

The first players to venture into the Kingdom. Ventured forth, without a map.