Ad Portrait

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"It's only lacking an autograph. A memory to join the party."
Bid-Token False
Item Portrait
Origin Encounter
Type Ad, Memory
Artist RWX
Link to OpenSea

"Dat Boi Addy P."

Ad Portrait Mechanics (REV: 2022-04-27) experimental - mechanics may change over time if abused ---

Adsueme, not to be confused with "Azuki", is a Knight Sergeant in service of the Kingdom. Though dreary, he offers welcome support to the Hero. Adsueme provides a means for recruitment of others to the party or a means for the selfish to reap more rewards for themselves.


Choose 1.

A. Send 1 Ad Portrait to the vault (Vault: 0xf045d8Da8596f9a8446c104FC8D77BF7b40055dA). Declare a recipient **WHO DOES NOT ALREADY HAVE A BIRD SITE STAMP (rev: 04/27/2022)** in #adrecruitment (please provide social profile & wallet address of recipient). Receive 1 bird site and your recruited party member will also receive 1 bird site. After 2 weeks - the Ad portrait is sent to your requested recipient, and you receive 1 more bird site.

B. Send to the vault (Vault: 0xf045d8Da8596f9a8446c104FC8D77BF7b40055dA). Declare no recipient. Receive 2 bird site stamps. Ad portrait remains in vault.

Note: Can't send to yourself, sockpuppets, etc. Play fair and in good faith. Rule breaking means I can break the rules and not do any of the above. Transferring a bird site out of a recipient wallet to redeem option 1 disqualifies you. As usual, mechanics only applicable as long as there is bird site stock in vault

Trivia[edit | edit source]

- First stamp dropped on 4/12/2022

- Track is commercial, by [artists name here]

- Origin Tweet